The Other Me – Masks That Reveal

Art: Linda Dove Pierson

October 3 through November 22, 2019
Opening Reception Friday October 4  5-8pm
(SOFA Arts District First Friday Open Studios)

An exhibit featuring creative interpretations of masks, artwork based on masks, masquerade, alter-ego, secret identities, and concealment.

Masks are a universal and timeless invention, used throughout the world and in almost every culture to channel the powers of gods or nature, for protection, concealment, and to invoke fear or ecstasy. When placed before our face they serve as shields, allowing the wearer freedom of expression, liberating the wearer from inhibition, beguiling and enticing the viewer. Or they may be used to conceal and protect one’s true self.

The ancient Greeks called masks ekstasis, which means to stand outside oneself. We observe ourselves in the mirror. Our own face fascinates us, questioning whether what we see reflected back is reality, or a projection, a persona, an alter-ego behind which we hide. Artists in this show reveal who we are behind our public faces by creating masks, self-portraits and wearable art.

Artists and supporters are encouraged to come to the reception in costumes.