4th Annual Members Show

March 5 – April 30, 2021
Online and in the SRAC Gallery
Open Wednesday thru Saturday  11am-2pm
and by appointment 707-293-6051

Anneliese by aNna rybaT

Members are the Center’s heartbeat. This exhibit showcases art created exclusively by Santa Rosa Arts Center members. Memberships support gallery shows, monthly literary and music presentations, and classes. They help us sponsor special performances, such as Como el Aire, An Evening of Flamenco, live jazz, classical, and Americana music, as well as, educational and pop-up exhibits for the Sonoma County community.

Galya Bayreuther
Joel Bennett
Susan Bercu
Susan Callagy
Daniel Celidore
John Cruz
Kay Hanlon Cruz
Zann Cuellar
Seamus Duffy
Simmon Factor
Jain Fairfax and Alejandro Torres
Anne Fitzgerald and Thea Evensen
Emily Florence
Rose Wogrum Frances
Elaine Greenwood
Karen Pierce Gonzalez
Bill Haigwood
Elisabeth Hegedus
Lorna Ho
Pauline Lazzarini
Gary Morgret
aNna rybaT
Connie Robeson
Susandra Spicer
Merrill Vargo

Members Art Show

Galya Bayreuther  Untitled  Framed watercolor   $175

Joel Bennett  Birdbath  Stoneware ceramic 20.5″ dia., 27″ ht.  $450

Susan Bercu  Bed of Roses (Women Warrior series)
Assemblage wall mask: Altered photos, string, recycled wood, newspaper, paper bags, bullet cases, zipper, paint
23 in. high x 16 in. wide x 4 in. deep   $2200
Created during Black Lives Matter protests, the promise of a “bed of roses” exposes America’s systemic racism and inequality that we must change for it affects everyone and imperils our democracy. Roses & leaves crafted from pertinent news clippings; paper bag scraps coat maché head.

Susan Bercu Bible Bitches (Women Warrior series)
Assemblage wall mask. Recycled materials: Gideon bible, dolls, wood; photos, glue, paint
15 in. high x 15 in. wide x 4 in. deep   $2200
Reconfigured bible highlights victimization of women starting with the rib Eve’s transgression that was punished with painful childbirth for all women who are ordered to bear children and submit to their husbands and all men.

Susan Callagy  Still Life with Viewer  Watercolor  $250

Daniel Celidore  Alien Wallpaper  Framed archival print  28.5″x30″  $450

Daniel Celidore  Emergence  Framed archival print  16″x28.5″  $450

John Cruz  Two Dolls  Framed Inkjet print  16″x20″ $100

John Cruz  Roland  Framed Inkjet print  9″x12″ $100

Kay Hanlon Cruz  GG Bridge Closeup  Framed Inkjet print 16″x20″ $80

Kay Hanlon Cruz  Red Flowers  Watercolor and ink  Framed Size: 9″x12″  $150

Zann Cuellar  Don’t Blame Bats  Mixed media on wood panel 17.5″x14.5″  $150

Seamus Duffy  Wavelength  Acrylic and brushes on glass panel 23″x40″ $245

Seamus Duffy  Suspicious Eyes  Acrylic on wood panel 24″x24″ $125

Simmon Factor  Mirage 40″x30″ Acrylic and collage $1500

Simmon Factor  The Alchemical Cabinet  Mixed media  $2500

Jain Fairfax  Lois  Oil on canvas  NFS

Jain Pollock Fairfax and Alejandro Raphael Torres
Covid-19 Piñata  Mixed media suspended construction
Three Corona viruses, made of paper mache and Model Magic clay, hang from a triangle of three lucite syringes. Dangling from the center is a small vial of COVID – 19 vaccine.
The “Break Stick” hangs nearby waiting for the day when the pandemic is over. Colorful yet fragile, the viruses are filled with confetti, candy and small toys. For a donation of $10 to the Santa Rosa Arts Center, “Breakers” who want to smash the virus, can sign up for the celebration day https://santarosaartscenter.org/index.php/donationsmemberships/.

Anne Fitzgerald and Thea Evensen
These Caged Birds Don’t Sing  17″x 21″x13″ This assemblage pays homage to the Central American children and families who risked everything to seek freedom, only to be detained and confined in cages at our southern border. The multi-colored detention bands were removed from the wrists of asylum seekers as they arrived at Casa Del Refugiado, a transitional shelter in El Paso, Texas. The bands represent the aspiration for freedom and the existence of confinement, contradictory realities experienced by the refugees.

Emily Florence  Portal  Acrylic monoprint on paper 11″x14″ $195

Rose Wogrum Frances  The Merry Maidens:
They Danced and Disappeared
Paint on canvas, copper, silk, thread   $13,000

Elaine Greenwood  Crimson Intensity  Acrylic  $525

Karen Pierce Gonzalez  Salmon Beauty 12×14 mixed-media (bark, paper, net, acrylic) NFS  To hear the poem: https://youtu.be/VGJ8u2dc_IM

Karen Pierce Gonzalez  Winter  8×10 Framed  Collage $140

Bill Haigwood  Berkeley at War 1969  Photos  13″x19″

Bill Haigwood  San Francisco Love Parade 2008  Photos  13″x19″

Elisabeth Hegedus  Rift in Time  Mixed media 16″x20″ framed $250

Lorna Ho  What Next?  Acrylic on canvas 18″x24″ $350

Lorna Ho Fresh Start  Acrylic on canvas 24″x36″ $995

Pauline Lazzarini  Light Up the Love  Acrylic on cradled panel  9″x12″ $150

Gary Morgret  Bodega Bay Triptych (on a smoke filled day)
Photographs on canvas  $575

Connie Robeson   New Colors in the Forest  Monoprints on metal  Sold

aNna rybaT  Anneliese  Oil on canvas  30″x30″ NFS

Susandra Spicer  Harmony II  Wall assemblage sculpture 23″x11″x2″ $200

Susandra Spicer  Amber Gaia  Mixed assemblage sculpture  22″x22″x22″  NFS

Merrill Vargo  The End of the Road  Oil on canvas 24″x30″ $800

Merrill Vargo  Work  Oil on canvas  24″x30″ $800