Art In The Time Of Covid

Santa Rosa Arts Center presents an on-line exhibition of artwork created during this period of sheltering at home.

The ability to create during this unprecedented and stressful time can help offer the creatively adventurous an opportunity for a temporary relief from anxiety or an outlet for anger and social protest. It can also be a means for a personal statement on the coronavirus pandemic. This open show is a mix of art created by both professionals, as well as people of all ages and abilities. For each, it offers the opportunity to share our visual expressions with the community.

Artwork unless noted are for sale. Contact

Mohacs Mill 11 by Katharine Anderson   Watercolor  9×14 $500

Mohacs Mill 21 by Katharine Anderson   Watercolor  9×14 $500

Sheltered in Poppies by Susan Bercu  Poppies were from paper grocery bags. The paper maché face is layered with fragments of COVID-19 related newspaper articles. (Photos for mouth and eyes; recycled wood scraps, beer can, plastic bee, nails, string, acrylic paint.) 21″x16″x3.5″  $2400

Bird Watching by Bonnie Boren  Pencil on paper  25″x31″  $900

Sheltering in Place by Bonnie Boren  Acrylic on panel 6″x6″  NFS

Suspension 7 by Teresa Camozzi  Two editions of 20, printed on 100% rag paper $500 19″x12″, $250 9″x6″

Shelter in Place by Zann Cuellar  mixed-media 18″x18″ framed $150

Masked in Transparency by Seamus Duffy  Acrylic and ink on wood panel   36″x48″   $375

Essential by Rachel Du Four  Acrylic on board with vintage periodic table  50″x23″  $475

Stay Calm and Wear a Mask by Simmon Factor          Acrylic and collage elements on canvas 24″x24″ $500

Inflection Point by Simmon Factor          Acrylic and collage elements on canvas  36″x36″ $750

The Cosmic Egg by Simmon Factor          Acrylic on canvas 30″x40″ $1000

Prisoner of Anxiety by Daniel Fiddler  Acrylic on canvas infused on aluminum  9″x12″   $200

And then everything just exploded by Tara Flandreau  Cardboard and mixed media wall sculpture  61″x51″  $1250

Eden by Emily Florence  Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas  16″x16″x2″  $95

COVID Treasures by Barbara Goodman  Recycled materials, shoe box, newspaper ads and cotton threads 12″x5.5″x5″  $95

Along the Creek by Tim Konrad  digital print  12″x18″ $65 unframed  Additional sizes are available.

Mendocino Evening Light by Tim Konrad  digital print  12″x18″ $65 unframed  Additional sizes are available.

Awaiting by Tim Konrad  digital print  10″x20″ $65 unframed  Additional sizes are available.

On the Edge by Jennie Schultz  8″x10″  Price pending

Pac-Man Vs. Covid by Clara Snyder (age 7) Mixed media on Rives BFK  22″x30″ NFS

Untitled Zen Garden by Douglas Snyder          Mixed media on wooden cradle 16″x19x1″ NFS

Sighting by Douglas Snyder          Mixed media on wood cradle  17″x12″x2″ $750

The Cock a Rona by Eric Wallen Acrylics and ink on archival paper  7″x7″  $70

Cerberus by Eric Wallen  Acrylics on paper mounted on printed fabric 44″x46″  $1800

Luna by Patti Zimmer   These pen illustrations, 2 close-ups and the complete drawing, are called Luna.   It is part of a large format coloring book called Shelter in Place. The illustrations are printed  black on white copy paper 15″X22″. The paper is suitable for crayons, pencils or a light watercolor.  The cost per illustration is $0.70 each.