Colors of the Rainbow


Sunset Deb Reid           Purply Zann Cuellar

Friday June 7 – Sunday August 18, 2024

The Santa Rosa Arts Center gallery is transformed into a dazzling spectrum of colors by artwork created by local artists. Paintings, photographs and other visual art which are primarily dominated by one color will be arranged around the gallery to make a horizontal rainbow.
Augmenting these is an array of other colorful rainbow art.


Enid Barnes

Sonia Betts

Stephanie Brandlius

Cade Burkhammer

Diana Connolly

Zann Cuellar

Joy Dellas

Linda C. Donahue

Max DuBois

Simmon Factor

Jain Fairfax

Barbara Goodman

Lizette Guy

William Haigwood

Cynthia Hymowitz

Kathy Kever

Sherrie Lovler

B. Lynne

Grace Martin

Caterina Martinico

Gary Morgret

Alla Mulholland

Gretchen Price

Deb Reid

Claudia Rhymes

Teresa Romaine

Ken Saltzberg

Christine Savard

Dan Scannell

Marinka Luisa Solman

George Sullivan

Denise Suzuki

Joyce L. Terres

Allyson Traba

Sharona Cha Cha Tracy

Allie Van Nuys

Ethan Van Nuys

Merrill Vargo

Mary Ann Wakefield

Roberta Lee Woods