Tempo: Art Inspired by Music

JUNE 2 – JULY 30, 2023

Artists Reception: July 7  5-8pm (SOFA Arts District First Friday open studios and galleries). Free event with live music performed by Stevie Cornell.

“One day I must be able to improvise freely on the keyboard of colours: the row of watercolors in my paintbox.”
Paul Klee

Down on Basin Street Simmon Factor
Although art and music appeal to different senses, a close look at them reveals that they complement and feed off one another. Jointly they affect our creative process. Artists are inspired by the varying emotions triggered by the rhythms, structures and tones, or the words of a song. They evoke in painters and sculptors forms, colors, brightness or darkness.  

Artists from Sonoma County and Northern California present more than 50 visual works influenced by music, musicians and instruments.

Enid Barnes
Terry Miles Bell
Kathleen Beltz
Joel Bennett
Spencer Brewer
Zann Cuellar
Joy Dellas
Michele Misino deLuca
Alyson Dobbert
Linda C. Donahue
Linda Dove-Pierson
Simmon Factor
Jain Pollock Fairfax
Emily Florence
Elizabeth Gomes
Barbara Goodman
William Haigwood
Lorna Ho
Cynthia Hymowitz
Barbara Kemler
Adrienne Momi
Emilie Munsch
Connie Robeson
Dan Scannell
Marinka Solman
Susandra Spicer
Denise Suzuki
Sharona ChaCha Tracy