VOTE 2020! Online Art Exhibit


The country is at a crossroads. Our nation will be voting November 3 in the most critical election of our lifetime. So many issues are at stake. To name a few: the Corona Virus pandemic, Black Lives Matter and racial injustice, the economy, climate change, housing, the Supreme Court and the state of our democracy.

All entries are in alphabetical order by the artist’s last names. All artists statements are included. To inquire about purchases or request a larger image of any of the pieces, email 

Artists, videographers, poetry and music:
Trayce and Chris Beards
Susan Bercu and Ken Smith
Ralph Broussard
Cathy Casteel
Simmon Factor
Jason Farnham
Emily Florence
Bill Haigwood
Leslie Halberg
Meressa Naftulin
Lollie Ortiz
Margo Perin
Linda Pierson
Sandra Rubin
Bill Shelley
Dawn Thomas
Debbie VanDyke

Trayce & Chris Beards Something to Cry About Digitized family photograph of Chris Beards  Size: variable  Price: variable

Susan Bercu artist, and Ken Smith videographer and narrator

We need to know the truth of our history in order to be fully engaged voting citizens.

Ralph Broussard Reliquary 2020  Wood, clay, metal wire, copper nails 18″h x 14″w x 6″d  $900

Cathy Casteel  Climate Matters  Mixed media on board  12″x12″ $195

Cathy Casteel  Science Matters  Mixed media on board  12″x12″ $195

Simmon Factor We the People  Acrylic 30″x40″ $850

Simmon Factor Black Lives Matter: Portrait of George Floyd Acrylic and paper collage 11″x14″ $500

Jason Farnham Love Around the World  Video

Emily Florence Death by Degrees Watercolor on Arches paper  7″x6″ $195

Bill Haigwood Election Summer 1968 Composite of photos taken while covering that election as a young journalist.
Robert Kennedy campaigns in San Francisco five days before his assassination in Los Angeles
Gene McCarthy speaks to students at UC-Berkeley Greek Theater
Vietnam Vets for Peace
Student rally “Get Out Now!”
Eldridge Cleaver: Black Panther leader and Peace and Freedom Party nominee for President
George Wallace speaking at the Cow Palace and reacting to protesting Yippies

Leslie Halberg Inaction Figure – Mitch McConnell, Blocker of the Senate 16″x 16″x 20″
10″ figure, polymer clay, wire, stuffing, fabric, toilet plunger with polymer clay Corinthian capital, printed facsimiles of blocked bills, wood block, scaled down “money” representing the millions he has acquired in office. A labeled shadow box protects the polymer figure and the column. It may be hung on the wall. $2000.00

Meressa Naftulin Breaking News 
Oils 24″x20″  $530
This artwork began with the impeachment of POTUS and unfolded as more breaking news was broadcasted. It was completed after the first presidential debate of 2020. Let’s hope it ends on November 3rd with a peaceful transition on January 20th.

Lollie Ortiz Covid-19 In Memory Of  Sculpture wall art–Laser cut acrylic plastic 24″x24″ $2650
Art inspired by lives lost but not to be forgotten by voting in their memory and healthy lifestyles as well.

Margo Perin Plexiglass Poem
From the voices of the 4.7 million people in the United States targeted for incarceration, the majority of whom are people of color and denied the right to vote, this is why your vote counts.
– the point being that to be black or brown in the United States of America is treated as a crime.  Valerie Mejer Caso, Mexican artist and poet

Linda Pierson Betting On Our Heroes Mixed-media  16″x20″  $200

Sandra Rubin Reclaim Our Country  Oils 24″x 30″  $1200

Bill Shelley Booth  Colored Pencil  13″x 8″  $600

Dawn Thomas Portland Protests Acrylic on paper 22″x28″ Price: Negotiable
This piece was painted with permission from the photographer and features a moment in the Portland, Oregon protests where a woman is grabbed away from the wall of moms by a federal agent. I found the expressions on both of their faces a compelling image. 

Debbie Van Dyke Busting Out of 2020 Mixed-media on canvas 16″x20″  $400
Like the big sore that 2020 has been, “Busting Out of 2020” encompasses COVID, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, and much more. I encourage people to vote and have their voices heard.